Submission to Integrative Medicine & Iridology Compendium

Submitting an approved submission to Integrative Medicine Iridology Compendium will be awarded two academic credits for each submission. Submissions can include other integrative medicine data besides iridology data. To submit or edit any compendium data, you can add new topic page using the "Add Content", then choose, Iridology Integrative Medicine Compendium.

Be sure to add "New Menu Link" before saving new compendium topic:

Provide menu Link

To edit or add data to available Iridology - Integrative Medicine Compendium, choose from a list of the A-Z topics located in the top menu:

Click on any of the A-Z topics to view drop-down menu contents:

For example, you can add or edit the compendium data on asthma by clicking on the "Edit Button":

If you are adding iridological data, please be sure to add your data under the "Complementary and Integrative Therapies" sub-heading "Iris Signs":

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