Iridology Research Membership Points is a membership based website. There is an initial membership fee of $50.00 to become an authenticated member with upgraded access to enhanced research and development sectors that are included in the website and databases. New authenticated members receive 50 academic credits to their account to which the member must sustain over a balance of 10 academic credits to maintain authenticated member status.

Becoming a member of offers abundent research tools to dedicated iridologist's and students of every healing art.  A collaborative opportunity awaits the new member to participate in designing the ultimate iridology research database. Members particpate by submitting books, manuals, research papers, case studies, personal image galleries, reviews, forum contributions and assisting with editing translated iridology data to be used in searchable databases available to all other members.

During the first month of a new authenticated membership, the new member must contribute data and should earn at least a minimum of eight academic points per month in order to sustain their account status. Each week, two academic points will be deducted as membership fee. If the member does not contribute to research database for six months with and falls below balance of 10 academic credits, their account will then become downgraded to "Regular Member" until they earn enough credits to become upgraded to "Authenticated" member which enables more access to iridology research databases of other membership contributed data.

When the "Authenticated" member reaches 250 credits, they are then upgraded to VIP membership which offers access to over 100 GB of audio and video lecture libraries, Iris3D view online version and specialized search galleries.

Both authenticated and VIP members also have the opportunity to purchase iridology equipment (iriscopes, workstations, software, pendants) by using their academic award points!

Academic Point will be awarded for the following actions including:

1: Iris Signs Gallery - Create own iris sign image gallery, one academic point is awarded each exclusive image.

2: Iridology Abstract - Post any Iridology Abstract not already available is awarded two academic points.

3: Iridology Compendium - Add data to the iridology compendium is awarded five academic points.

4: Translated Iridology Abstract - Post Iridology Abstract is awarded five academic points.

5: Translated Iridology Book - Post Digitized Iridology Book is awarded twenty academic points.

6: Book Review - Post minimum 250 word book review is awarded five academic points.

7: Post Iridological case study - Upload iridological case study including history and both right and left eye images is awarded two academic points. Include/attach iridodiagnostic assessment or review of case study is awarded two extra academic points.

8: Post Iridology Research Topic - Create your own iridological research topic page with minimum 1000 words is awarded twenty credits. This would be similar to creating your own research blog.

9: Post Iridology Article Reviews - Post current/past iridology article is awarded two academic points (includes, current and past news or journal articles).  A file upload capability is available for scanned or captured original articles and accepts several formats including .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, etc. Include own review with article for an additional two credits.  

10: Post new research topic style thesis with no less than 5000 words is awarded fifty academic points. Topic must be first approved by administration.

11: Post new research topic style thesis with no less than 10000 words is awarded one hundred academic points. Topic must be first approved by administration.

12: Referring colleague to register at Iridology Research is awarded five academic points.


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