Iridology Research Mission

Iridology Research Repository is a non-profit open source project that further enhances research and development in the iridological sciences. This project is designed to help individuals involved in research activities and support the development of iridology sciences.

Every student of iridology, every graduate student, every scientist needs iridological research data. However, not everyone can get the necessary knowledge sources. Many printed publications are available in limited quantities or are not available in the chosen languages. In many cases books and research abstracts are simply impossible to locate or have never been translated.

Iridology Research maintains specific emphasis on research that explores the biological mechanisms of iridology, as well as it's efficacy, safety, and patterns of use and/or implementation, provided that various iridology research constitutes a useful contribution to the field.

Iridology Research offers the serious iridologist access to the world's most comprehensive database including out of print, searchable iridology books, journals, audio lectures, video lectures and image galleries. A download directory is also available which includes iridology charts, software and compendiums.

Iridology Research Members who make monthly academic contributions to the iridology research database will have continual full access as authenticated members and will be awarded academic credits.

The initial academic membership fee to Iridology Research is currently 50.00 USD.

Registration of the academic membership fee immediately awards 50 academic points. The registered member then begins their opportunity to contribute to the Iridology Research Databases and earn further academic credits.

A deduction of ten academic credits is applied every month to all members to enhance particpation.

The authenticated iridology research member will receive unlimited and permanent access (VIP status) once 250 academic points have been awarded.

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